About us

Hi, we are Bace Agency. We believe in breaking the stagnation and inspiring growth.

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We create brands that help businesses changedramatically. We offer a unique strategy,we understand the importance of both the creative and technological side of business, so ourproduct is always a symbiosis ofthese two things.

Why do people choose Bace Agency?

We are focused on your result. Our CEO and Founder Michael are passionate about business. He states, 'As a person with a major in business, I understand how important it is to combine both aspects of marketing: business and creativity.'

We know how to create and implement solutions that will benefit your business in both parts.

CEO and Founder Michael

Our team

We prioritize deep connections with our customers to provide a premium service from beginning to the end. We understand how important it is to be secure and sure that everything is going well.

Our Team

Iceberg system

Every business is like an iceberg, you always have hidden potential. Only 20% are on the surface and easy to spot, but the other 80% are not so easy to recognize.

Passion, attention to details and deep connection with customers help us to unlock your potential and reach goals together.

Iceberg System

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of many people
who live in the USA, Europe and Ukraine. This
allows us to think outside the box.

Got ideas? We
have the skills.
Let’s team up!

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